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Pied Turquoise Kakariki (Male) Weekly Payment

Pied Turquoise Kakariki (Male) Weekly Payment

Please note this bird is reserved by deposit (not a payement) that has already been completed and thus is being held for the person(s) who made the deposit.
f you are interested in purchasing a bird from us please feel free to call us. (503) 437-1737

This is an ongoing payment for a baby pied cream, turquoise kakariki. 

This payment will be applied towards the purchase price of the bird when you pick it up.
The remaining balance of the purchase price will be paid off at $100 bi-weekly. Total paid will be $575 for the Kakariki with a suitable cage, 3 toys and feeding bowls.
We do encourage you to visit your bird durring this time to help build a bond with him.

You wil have 7 days to pick up your bird after he is paid off, unless other arrangments are made.

  • Payment


  • Final payment of $25

    The final payment of $25 is not listed in the weekly payments and can be made either in person or a new payment can be created at the correct price. If you decide to pay more or need to skip a week please call or text us to let us know so arrangments can be made. 

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