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Shal's Pals

Our birds from our aviary
Please know all birds on this page are not for sale. Babies will be listed in the shop.

Our birds are given the largest cages possible. We offer enrichment with all of our birds, even our breeders. Fresh fruit, vegetables, Zoopreme Pellets are given daily. Seeds and nuts are used for treats and training to ensure a variety in their diet. We accept birds that need a new home no matter their circumstances. If you need a safe place to surrender your bird please come see us we will help to find them a great and knowledgeable forever home. 
We do offer shipping, through Delta Cargo on babies at buyers expense, pickup is prefered. 

Sully & Boo

Turquoise Proven Kakariki Pair

Sully and Boo are fantastic parents.
Both turquoise blue this striking pair has the recessive  They are both Cinnamon deep Turquoise Pied split Spangles. 

We get 2 variations of babies in appearance. Pied feathering in the tail feathers and some that are fully blue without pied.
Kakariki although short attention spans are very sweet and can be an amazing companion living for up to 20 years.  Below are a couple of their babies.



6 Year old Blue-Throated Macaw

She is a playful escape artist. She spends most of her day following us around the house, to the store, etc. She is often our ambassador for introducing people to birds despite her size. She is a pet, and will never be fore sale. She is small for a macaw, and we are looking for a mate for her this year. So if you have an adult blue-throated macaw please send me a message.  This sweet bird loves to meet new people and will lost most people even pet her, and hold her. Any chance she can find for free scritches! 



5 year old Guyana Toucanet

Oliver was a rescue, and will be here as a pet and our forever bird. He is not hand tame but loves to hop up onto a stick and come talk to you in the mornings. And steal my tea! Baths are a must have, and a sight to behold! He eats mostly fresh fruit and veggies. Blueberries are his favorite. His diet is a bit more complicated than other birds with as little iron and vitamin c as possible!
He is not one of our breeders. Sorry folks.


Zazu & Jewel

6 year old Quaker Parrot

He is such a sweetie, loves to cuddle and play and romp around with his favorite human. Favorites foods are broccoli. Tells me every day I'm a good boy. He also tells Jewel his Albino mate she is a good boy! They like to romp around the cage together. 

Mr & Mrs Kakariki

5 years old Yellow Kakariki

These two are a hoot! No not an owl, but very fun and full of energy. In fact they are pretty quiet for a bird. Their call is sweet and soft, not too loud for a bedroom or apartment. They spend their time flying and running upside down on the top of their cage so they do need some room to stretch their legs. They enjoy a good game of tag after foraging and scratching all their fruit out of their bowls to ditch those veggies. She is a dutiful mother and he is an excellent father.



Miho and Peaches

5 years old High Yellow Red Factor Sun Cheek Conure
& High yellow Sun Cheek Conure

These birds are truly stunning in appearance and we are hoping to have them bond this year! Clever and great escape artists too! It has been wonderful teaching them to take food from our hands and let them preen me, as they are for looking at not touching since they are our breeders. They will preen me and greet me as they are excited daily. They like to unscrew things they know which will open doors to the cage and then hang out on top for the afternoon. Exploring and tearing up any smaller wood toys are fun times. They have a wonderful curious personality and can be affectionate bird. The red factor is a dominant trait most of their babies will be the red factor colors. All babies will have the high yellow. 
These two are bonding

Hei Hei

1 years old Green Wing Macaw

He is amazing, my bestie on all things, even at the grocery store! He is a pet not a breeder. He likes to tag along and cuddle all the time. That being said, he likes to walk on floors and get into things. He likes to cuddle with any bird that will show him attention, and if they won't he will chase them off his perch. It's quite amusing, but he needs to learn to share as any toddler does! Such a splendid bird, I will not be breeding this beautiful bird as he is my companion. 

Sorry not for sale!


Lovey and Dovey

1 year old Love Birds

These are beautiful and great parents, we are currently looking into our nesting box debating if we want babies at the moment. Hopefully they like their new digs! Their babies are very cute and can make excellent companions! Although they never talk, they are never really loud either. They are best kept in pairs, and can live up to 25 years!

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