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Shal's Pals

Our birds from our aviary
Please know all birds on this page are not for sale. Babies will be listed in the shop.

Our birds are given the largest cages possible. We offer enrichment with all of our birds, even our breeders. Fresh fruit, vegetables, Harrison's Pellets are given daily. Seeds and nuts are used for treats and training to ensure a variety in their diet.



6 Year old Blue-Throated Macaw

She is a playful escape artist. She spends most of her day following us around the house, to the store, etc. She is often our ambassador for introducing people to birds despite her size. This sweet bird loves to meet new people any chance she gets, and gets free scritches too! 


4 year old Guyana Toucanet

Oliver was a rescue, he is not hand tame but loves to hop up onto a stick and come talk to you in the mornings. Baths are a must have, and a sight to behold! He eats mostly fresh fruit and veggies. Blueberries are his favorite. His diet is a bit more complicated than other birds with as little iron and vitamin c as possible!

We are looking for a female to pair him with.



6 year old Quaker Parrot

He is such a sweetie, loves to cuddle and play and romp around with his favorite human. Favorites foods are broccoli. Tells me every day I'm a good boy.

Mr & Mrs Kakariki

5 years old Yellow Kakariki

These two are a hoot! No not an owl, but very fun and full of energy. In fact they are pretty quiet for a bird. Their call is sweet and soft, not too loud for a bedroom or apartment. They spend their time flying and running upside down on the top of their cage so they do need some room to stretch their legs. They enjoy a good game of tag after foraging and scratching all their fruit out of their bowls to ditch those veggies. She is a dutiful mother and he is an excellent father.

Nothing yet check back soon!


Mr & Mrs Conure

5 years old Red Factor Sun Cheek Conure
& Sun Cheek Conure

These birds are truly stunning in appearance! Clever and great escape artists too! It has become a game of how to keep them in. They like to unscrew things they know which will open doors to the cage and then hang out on top for the afternoon. Exploring and tearing up any smaller wood toys are fun times. They have a wonderful curious personality and can be affectionate bird. The red factor is a dominant trait all of their babies will be the red factor colors.
NO babies this year. Please check back in 2023

The Vamps

3 years old Black Capped Caique

When I first met these two, the female had it out for me.  Flew over and bit me left a mark that looked a little like a vampire bite. That's how they got their name. A little training goes a long ways. Since then she rolls over on her back to greet me, they are often playing on the floors of the cage toys are a must have for these busy birds. They are full of affection and have a great personality and playful energy. Training is encouraged as they love to learn new tricks and spend time out of the cage with a friend. If you are looking for a companion bird who will always want to play this is a great option. 
NO babies this year. Please check back in 2023. 


The Caiques

5 years old White Bellied Caiques

These two are super affectionate with each other. They are a bit shy with us, however their babies will be hand fed to ensure they are super sweet. They like to explore when they think I am not around to see. As a bonded pair and show little interest in humans, this is pretty typical for most bonded pairs.
We have only had them a little while and hope to encourage them to enjoy our presence more with a little (or a lot of) bribery. We have love the playful energetic personality of the Caique for many years and this is why we chose to breed these two. They love to play and can easily be trained for fun tricks!

NO babies this year. Please check back in 2023. 


15 year old Scarlet Macaw

Cali was a recent adoption who we are working with. He came from a home who loved him but no longer had the time to spend with him that he needs. We have him on a diet for now to lose some weight. He is very affectionate and is currently learning to use his wings for the first time balancing first, flight later. We do not clip our birds wings. He will require a minimum a year of rehab to encourage muscle building before we start looking for his future mate. He loves bananas and will step up and spend some time with me while eating grapes. He is very intelligent and is starting to come out of his shell I will update this as we go. 



15 year old Blue and gold Macaw

Coco is sweet, and very timid. She is another recent adoption, she was with Cali when we met her, but she is far more scared of leaving her cage. We have changed her diet to help with her feathers as there was some discoloration when we got her due to a poor diet. We will not be looking for her mate until she is in perfect health. At this time however she is recovering and learning that I wont hurt her, she is finally taking food from my hands and is willing to come out of her cage. These are huge improvements for her. We hope to see more and will keep you posted as she improves. 

Ms Turk

5 years old Yellow Turquoisine

She is sweet, and very quiet. Beautiful feathers. These birds are not really tame, however they make for excellent aviary birds, or a bird you might want to just spend a little time with and have them take food from your hand. They are a low maintenance bird great for beginners or apartments due to low noise levels.  

We are currently seeking a Male to pair her with. 

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