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Custom Orders

Custom builds 1.12 through 1.19 build schematics available:
Format will be delivered in .schem
Feel free to add on additional items in the shop when ordering.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

 We offer custom options for your project in our online store while ordering. We know the detail level on your map will vary, if you have something custom in mind please let us know and we can adjust the price depending on the complexity of your design. 

Please understand we will ask for a non refundable deposit, or payment in full if the project is less than $500.00 USD, before we are willing to start a project for you. 
If the final payment is not completed we will keep the build for our own purposes.We reserve the right to reuse small and medium assets for our own projects and future works of our own or for our shop but we will never resell, give away or otherwise distribute your build to anyone else. 

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