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Who we are

We are builders, designers, image artists, and so much more...

We all love Minecraft to create content for players like you! Putting passion into each project to share our art work with the world. Shaliquinn started the company in 2016, and later in 2018 we started working as an official Minecraft partner.

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What we do

Working together with our fans and our team, we come up with new and creative ideas to produce new content. Our skin designers and our builders help us create the content and our back end team does our renders and processing debugging and anything else we might need along the way to turn ideas into creations for you in the Marketplace.



These are a few projects done by our team.


Esta Noche

This stunning city is filled with everything from a party on the beach to skyscrapers you can sip tea while browsing out over the landscape of the world below you while relaxing. The construction crew is hard at work expanding onto the next skyscraper. The stunning neon trees glow lighting up the nightlife in the city.



Complete with its own personal train. This steampunk city is several stories tall reaching the height limits of the map. It includes houses, giant fish, dolphins, and of course one giant mechanical dragon you can scale for some amazing views of the city.


Mine Town Derby

Ready to race? Well we hope so! Come race your horses, or breed the fastest and race those along our track. Racing not your thing? Feel free to sit in the stands or take a hand at the jumping hurdles in the middle of the track. Show your friends your amazing horse!

Outstanding talent from all over the world

Get to know Shaliquinn's amazing team

These are our great builders, image designers and our skin developers. Working together we are able create great content for you to enjoy.

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Contact Us

If you are looking to apply, order a custom build/schematic, or have a new idea or question for us please let us know using either the form here or via the e-mail listed below. 
Custom builds start at $3,OOO USD.

Thanks for submitting!

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